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Royal example

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My English mother often pointed out in photographs of the late Queen Elizabeth II, that “We’re only five years apart,” generally in regard to appearance.

“She’s gone quite gray, hasn’t she?” was one comment. “You know she’s only five years younger than me.”

‘Leapin’ Lagartos!’

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We’re used to hearing the relentless Ka-BLAM of target shooting gearing up for deer season, and certainly used to the sight of harvested deer, bound to the front of vehicles (“No, Timmy, that’s not Rudolph, stop crying”), or lying in the back of a pickup at our local gas station.

Some dry humor

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I can’t help but to remember when weather related events made the national news, oh, maybe once a month: a tornado ripping through one community, a hurricane making landfall somewhere else, and wildfires out west. It’s pretty obvious to us all that now it seems weather makes the news nearly each day. And that news is generally catastrophic.

Glory days

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Paul and I were searching for a particular chair slipcover last week and found ourselves compelled to descend into one of Dante’s seven levels of hell.

A shopping mall.

Mama, I made it

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Since so many popular past sit-coms are being brought back for a re-boot, may I suggest one, please?

(No, not ‘Coach.’ We tried that and, well, punt!)

Storm's a brewin'

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Summer means hot, humid days, July 4th fireworks that seem to go on until August, and afternoon scattered storms that, like popcorn, spring up on radar with precious little time to take cover.

Turn it off

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If it’s not the January 6th Congressional hearings, it’s another mass shooting. If it’s not a mass shooting, it’s Britain’s Prime Minister resigning…

Sometimes I need to turn everything off, go outside and look up.


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